PC polymer Sea Bulk Packaging Solution--Dry Bulk Liner

2022-04-12 15:21 admin
                               (PC resin Filling and Discharging process)

On Jan.17th,2019, Our technical service team gone to the factory of PC Resin Customer to guide for installation and loading the PC(polycarbonate) polymer into PE Container Liner/Sea Bulk Liner.

According to the PC resin requirement,which need a clean,hygeian and food grade closed space to pack them. So the Customer requiry seriously for food grade Film and production Line to meet the PC material bulk packaging solution. 

Depending on the Customer's installation,loading,Discharging process currently, we guide the Customers during the whole process and other
 items to make sure the PC dry bulk Liner can be installed in good performance for loading and unloading. 

During the filling process,according to the loading facility and requirements for the SeaBulk Liner,We made a further modification for the design update to sure the Liner in good condition during the filling and discharging process.

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