Bar-less Liner Bulk Packaging Solution-COFFEE BEAN

2022-04-12 15:28 admin


Implement CUSTOMER-FOCUS to increase satisfaction!
On Dec.18th, to give Customer a better service and train the customer using our Bar-less Liner more efficiently and safely. Our commercial manager and technical manager went to the customer's factory to train them how to installation,filling and discharging.
Before the project, Our technical manager went to customer’s office to learn and discuss their requirement and want to lower the packaging cost. After learning,we recommend to use the Bar-less Liner design,NO NEED ANY BAR! We based on the previous normal Container Liner (need
4 Steel Bar reforcement for Bulkhead) and customized design to meet their packaging requirements for COFFEE BEAN without BAR.  
Bar-less Liner with our own patent, which have a lot of using and service experience for loading and discharging. Comparing with the normal SeaBulk Liner, The Bar-less Liner save approximately 30% cost and higher operating efficiency, 
MORE IMPORTANT… it can solve the headache issue that some region difficult to purchasing STEEL BAR. 
This trial testing for Bar-less Liner was successful. Which increases customer’s trust our brand’s focus and service in the field of SEA BULK PACKAGING.
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