2022-04-12 15:29 admin

For bulk STARCH and other food POWDER with poor fluidity, our own patented Fluidizing Container Liner (SeaBulk Liner)was well loading and discharging testing in customer’s factory.
In this PROJECT, our project manager provided guidance for installation and loading to ensure that end-user handle our Fluidizing Liner to fill and transport their STARCH efficiently and safely. During the loading process, we record and discuss with end-user about the features of STARCH powder, Pneumatic filling facility and the customer's requirement. It helps customer to solve the STARCH BULK shipment to filling higher volume and save the packaging cost and labor cost. This testing was good and approval by end-user. And raising their trust to choose Anthente SeaBulk Liner.

The FLUIDIZING LINER was designed for FLOUR/STARCH which can speed up the flow down and discharge out from the liner, HIGH-EFFICIENCY! MORE SAFETY! And the WELDING technology can make sure 100% COMPELET sealing without any pollution to protect the STARCH inside and keep cleanliness.
Anthente---Expert in SEABULK LINER, we provide a complete sets of packaging and logistic solutions.We supply our BAG and services to several global TOP500 companies. Our products including CONTAINER LINER, FLEXITANK and BULK BAG.